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    We spend every second of our lives complaining. 
    "The Death disguised as the Messiah" means that we can't find the meaning of life in the gratification, but we find it in the sadness and sorrow.  That's the reason why we spend every second of our lives complaining.



      Incredulity of St.Thomas is a masterpiece that humanizes a holy deity, and not just any deity but Jesus Christ himself. The humanization of an untouchable and the holy, directly connects with the core philosophy of Han Seojin. People with popular beliefs are generally incredulous to the expression of personality, and Han Seojin’s design language softens the hard line between them and redefines what majoritarian and what extreme is. In this piece, the Death disguised as the Messiah symbolizes our way to find the meaning in our lives. It’s Han Seojin’s observation that we spend our every second complaining about anything. We don’t find the meaning in the light like some might think. Because we are only motivated by the darkness, and the darkness alone feels real unlike the light(the Messiah) Because we can not touch the Messiah, and we don’t even know if it really exists. It’s just an idea that we want to embrace, but every time we hear the stories about it, we forget them and do what we always do…


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